Show Up First – Success Usually Follows

“80% of success is showing up”, Woody Allen (American movie director).

I mostly disagreed with this statement, I thought it was too generic, for a control freak like me who is always meticulous in planning, I thought success had big integral parts like planning, implementation and iterations through an anticipated process.

However, life and its many tricks have shown me that the statement is accurate.

Sometimes ago, when faced by certain defeat and fear of the unknown, I realized that I didn’t really show up where it mattered along the line.

The heartbreaking reality is that most people don’t show for many things in their life.

If you desire to have a toned and athletic body, show up at the gym and train.

If you want to be a good spouse, show up and be there in your partner’s life.

If you want to graduate with good grades in school, show up at the library and study.

I realized after many disappointments and failures that showing up and frequently putting in efforts consistently, collectively sums up to become the joys and triumphs I have experienced.

I was recently reminded of this when I needed to upgrade my ability to use a work related technical tool.

I had a payment plan which allowed me access to 50 hours of training materials valid for 1 year, I figured that if I showed up for 3 hours a week, I’ll be 12 hours deep within a month and I’d be done within 5 months.

But, I didn’t show up on until the 12 month of my subscription, so I had to pay for another year.

Monetary costs on the side, I missed a great opportunity to secure a lead role in an operation I was passionate about because I lacked the required technical certification to lead the operation.

Oops, I shot myself in the foot by not showing up for my training even though it was prepaid.

Later, it occurred to me that I had too many clusters on my action plan which made it difficult for me to honor tasks that are consequential to my existence, in other words, if I’m not getting paid, and if I am not reporting to a superior, I’ll probably turn in a task late.

I realized that I was showing up at work (obviously), but I wasn’t showing up for myself and my loved ones as much as I should, because I was overwhelmed by taking on too many things at a time.

So, I acted, I cleared my plate, set my priorities right, and made the decision to show up, where it matters, ALWAYS.

Back to my technical training, I considered my weaknesses, I couldn’t afford to spare 3 hours per week on this extracurricular activity, but I could show up for 3 hours every other week.

So, I showed up, I put in the work, and allowed EFFORT PLUS CONSISTENCY to guide me, and I got a successful outcome a few months down the road.

Success is simple.

Just show up.

Do the work consistently.

And success will follow.

Life could be simple right?

Inspired by Victor Cheng.

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