Return on Expectation


In business and investment terms, return on investment (ROI) means the margin of monetary profit accrued from your initial investment.

When considered factually, ROI means what you get at the end of the day apart from the amount of money you initially spent into the venture.

For the case of clarity, ROI can be calculated by subtracting your expenses from the money received, you can also measure it gradually thereby knowing the rate of returns on your investments.

Return on expectation (ROE) simply refers to how much an individual eventually matches your expectations. That is, you have some benchmarks in your mind which you subconsciously or deliberately use to evaluate people.

Unlike ROI the ROE is fluid and unpredictable, because it is centered on an individual’s subjectivity.

Research has shown that we humans are rational beings, we use our bias, prejudice, experiences and, background every time we make decisions.

Herein lies the human paradox, if everybody has a level of bias in them, how will we be able to identify when we judge people unfairly? How will we avoid portraying double standards in our day-to-day interactions?

I’ve been unfairly judge based on my supposed inability to meet up with people’s expectations, I have written people off because I felt disappointed in their inability to impress me…. Shit happens.

Now to the matter at hand, I’d like for you rethink your actions, have you written people off because of their inability to meet your expectations? Have you refused that invitation to go on a date because the person inviting you doesn’t meet your expectations? Have you walked out on people because they seem to be dragging you down?

Hey, I’m not saying you should tolerate mediocrity, all I need you to do is to reflect on your actions and your mindset, have you set unrealistic standards for yourself? Do you place people on a high platter hoping they’ll somehow live up to the hype you’ve given them in your head?

It’s time to rethink – your expectation is as high as your investment; do you expect too much from people?

I have observed that most of us expect too much from ourselves. Leading to bruised ego, deflated self-confidence, withdrawal – All of which are currencies of low return on expectation.

Unrealistic ROE is the devil – Avoid it!