Don’t Let a Crisis Go to Waste.


Stress, despair, lowliness, rejection, discouragement, light, acceptance, hope, triumph! And the cycle continues.

Seating here beside FX, feeling bored, feeling agitated, looking for a creative channel- then it occurred to me, I have endured one crisis after another in the last 12 months.

Taking stock of everything, I realized that tenacity and consistency is key if one wants to beat the vicious cycle mentioned in the opening statement.

Though all my tribulations, my pains, my worries and my struggles, I managed to put things into perspective, I figured that I can’t be there for everybody, I can’t fight every battle, I’ll have to use Pareto’s model if I intend to focus on what matters to me and my future.

Thinking of where I am right now, it dawned on me that all the crisis I endured and overcome prepared me for where I intend to go.

What’s the lesson here? Never let a crisis go to waste, because through it, you’ll find your strength and you might just morph in to something that is unbeatable, because what doesn’t kill you will probably make you stronger.

Back to reality, I am just a few thousand miles above Rouen in France with about 7hrs and 10 minutes travel time before I touch down in NYC, I look forward to reuniting with my folks, an interesting time awaits me and FX….. I suppose.

Face your crisis and overcome it! That’s your shot at growth.

*Written on the 2nd of November 2016.