Cacophony of Options


An old saying goes like “too much of a good thing is never a good thing”, sounds funny and ridiculous, because I’m yet to meet someone who prefers to wallow in negativity instead of swimming in positive vibes.

But, I have seen people lose their way and their minds because they have been presented too many opportunities and positive vibe within a short while.

Many people lost their true career potential because they received too many job offers at the same time, many people lost their real passion because they developed new skills. So many people lost good friends because too many helpful folks came along.

Certainly, multiple job offers are welcome and having helpful folks around won’t hurt, but how does one keep focus?

Focus is a major key to consistency in human life, a person studies biological sciences consistently for years and he becomes a MD, another studies jurisprudence consistently and she comes a lawyer, that young boy down the street danced and sang his way to becoming a celebrity, without focus and consistency in a field, they’d be one of those folks who are clueless about where they’d like to be in their lives.

My friend, I am happy for you, I am happy that numerous options seems to be on your table, I only hope that you’ll have the courage to focus on one thing at a time.

Don’t be distracted by the cacophony* around you.

Bless up!

*Cacophony refers to a distracting noise.