The Greatest Gift on Earth is…..

I’ve been thinking of ways to impress someone dear to me.

I’d love to give my best, I’d love to give someone the greatest gift on earth.

But, what really is the greatest gift on earth?

As expected, thoughts and ideas came to my mind, should I send some money to them? Should I gift them a car? Should I gift this person a multi-city flight ticket which allows them a round trip across 20 countries?

Problem is – this person can afford all the things that comes to my mind. They are not the greatest gift on earth after all.

So, I called my mom, and I asked her a very simple question – “what’s the greatest gift on earth?”

Her answer – “Tee, if you can be present every time I need you, you would have given me the greatest gift of my life”.

There and then, I had to define “presence” and how it could be a gift.

Being present means showing up physically, and devoting your undivided attention (emotionally, mentally, and spiritually) to another human being.

It is being there for another person when they’re facing the worst day of their life.

It is being there with someone in their tribulations and their sorrows.

It is being there for someone during their joys and their celebrations.

It is laughing with them when their life’s pendulum swings high or low.

Being present is sharing those brief precious moments in life that are both gone in an instant and whose memories can last a lifetime.

Presence is one of the few gifts that is both free and priceless at the same time.

Presence is precious to everyone, rich or poor, young or old.

Who has been present in your life?

Whose lives have you been present in?

If by chance you’re planning to give out a gift, I’d encourage you to consider giving your time and your presence to people who matter to you.

The greatest gift in the world is not a present, it is your presence.

Best of luck!

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